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The true human cost of Cyclone Dineo as it hit Tofo, Inhambane

The devastated Bar and restaurant of Mango Beach Lodge in Tofo, Mozambique
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Geniene Preston

Video by Steffan Rouche one of the partners from Mango Beach Lodge, Tofo, Inhambane

I had been fortunate to visit this area for my birthday last year and I must say, it was an incredible experience. I had heard so much from the South Africans that had settled in the area having given everything up here in this country to start again with nothing in another. I was in awe of them.

When the cyclone hit the first thing that occurred to me was a relief effort. Not so much in money but in giving time, materials and volunteers.  We can all give that to fellow South Africans that didn’t move too far but gave us places to visit that the sad South African rand would always count on holiday despite all efforts by politics to destroy it.

With that in mind, we created a volunteer section on our Facebook page (click here for more details on the mission).  This is one of the lodges, Mango Beach Lodge that was our host together with our favourite beach bar – Dino’s. The picture on the right is the photos we took on our visit last year to both Dino’s Barand Mango Beach Lodge. Both of whom took major blows from the storm being right on the beach.

Follow their stories as they unfold and of those of human endurance continue to come in.  Here are some of the photos that show the devastation.

Zelma of Tours to Moz, was one of the first to take vitals across the border to those in need. Her privately owned bus company takes visitors every coupe of days safely backwards and forwards across Mozambique up as far as Inhambane.  And without hesitation or donated funds she rushed over with whatever she could carry to help

And Natalie of Dino’s managed to get her bar up and running as quickly as possible to help those in need.

Message from Mango Beach Tofo on Friday through SAPeople was “Friends and tourists from around the world have expressed sadness at the destruction of the beautiful holiday lodge that the South Africans had put so much passion, love, soul and life savings into renovating.

In a message on their page Friday, together with pictures of  the cyclone’s devastation, Mango Beach reported that all the owners and staff are okay, and coping with the lack of facilities…

BUT they said, as they start to tally up the destruction, “tears are flowing as we witness the full extent of cyclone DINEO’s wrath on Tofo”

 Tourism Update posted this article “Tropical storm Dineo has caused damage to at least five lodges in Mozambique and completely destroyed the Guinjata Dive Centre and Jeff’s Pro Dive Centre.

Guinjata Dive Centre, which is 25km from Inhambane, was completely destroyed by the storm. Lynn Retief from the dive centre shared photos of the destruction on Facebook.

Roofs of the reception area and two of the villas of Paz do Pai Lodge were completely destroyed following the storm. It is estimated that the lodge will be out of business for about two weeks while repairs take place.
Morrungulo Beach Lodge’s restaurant roof collapsed, and many trees are down or split. However, there is no damage to the chalets, casitas, or beach bar.

Mango Beach Lodge in Tofo, Inhambane, has been destroyed. “The restaurant has been flattened and is knee-high in sand from the dune, which has shifted from the wind. Our houses have been ruined,” the lodge posted on its Facebook page. The water tank and system were also lifted and destroyed by the wind.

Roofs of Tofinho Beach Cottages, Paindane Beach Resort, and Závora Lodge were all damaged by the storm.

Roads, camps and facilities at the Kruger National Park have also been temporarily closed as a result of the rain. In addition to the four camps in the Nxanatseni region, Shipandane Hide and Makhadzi Picnic Site have also been closed. In the Marula region all gravel roads are closed, with the exception of gravel roads leading to Biyamiti and Talamati. Muzandzeni Picnic Site and Sweni Wilderness Trail are also temporarily closed.”


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