Ink and Iron 4 March 2017! New Venue

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Ink and IRON Rally 2017!

The good the awesome and the flipping insane

Easy to find and a great venue. Place for helmets and jackets thanks to Christian Bikers Association..have your bike loads of tents and great value food. Missed Bakgat Ysies as they aren’t here this year.

But loads of bikes and tattoos to see!

Same applies to tattoos…the insane…the Einah and the WTF!

Grant, the organiser of Ink and Iron, has asked that we share the details of the new venue. So here they are ahead of our article!

LUSO AFRICA SPORTS CLUB, Hatting Park, Walnut Street corner Pretoria Rd, PRIMROSE.

Ed’s note

The Ink and Iron is truly a memorable rally and together with Tattoo Artists, its one of the most fun events on the biking calendar. The editor and our club without portfolio (now made up of Keith, myself, Warren and Sarah as well as Ischtelle who is soon to have a bike) we ride together and its at Ink and Iron that we discovered the all encompassing BUCKET!!!  We were issued with a black bucket filled with ice for our beers. Everyone except Keith drinks beer or cool drink, and Keith drinks Richelieu. But because its a one day event, there is very little drinking in our camp but loads of meeting others and trying to understand how this all works.

We found that Grant who runs this event, also runs a great show and with awesome music, we were definitely getting into this. However the leather jackets for me are a killer in the Johannesburg heat so our waistcoats are all that is required. Nice enough as they are branded. And with being relaxed and just enjoying being together for a day of fun, this is also a great event.

Keith’s son, Stephan has Stephans Tattoos in Secunda (Seether and Francois van Coke have been tattoo’ed by Stephan we are proud to say) so we are very much a part of this often misunderstood art. But thanks to DSTV it has come out of the woodwork and is now considered a work of art. I am always blown away by the art on the bikes and the customization that makes the bike your own.  I just need the bigger seat as my seat is just too small!

Ink and Iron introduced us into the world of music and tattoos and custom bikes!  It also had the photographer as we arrived and our collection began!  We now have a wall covered in photos of us in helmets!  This photo below was taken without helmets so we can at least have one with who we actually are.

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