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Where we match your venue, attraction or activity with those who make travel reservations

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At Travel Match (A division of Travel Match) we put travel professionals together with venues, attractions and activities. Not only do we verify our travellers have the right credentials but we invite them on exciting journeys that result in bookings for the companies they work for. To accompany them, we invite the press to cover the journey and to promote those involved. Due to the evolution of Social Media, SACommuter is committed to covering the event through the eyes and ears of those in attendance and using Social Media to spread the word! Cost for this event….priceless! There is a small booking fee from the travellers, so that we can ensure their arrival for you to host them! Contact me for more information on

Click here to go to the home page and check out the travel trips! Only registered travellers may apply to travel (registration is completely free) and only once your application to travel has been accepted will traveller be invoiced. Click here to register.

Getting started

The idea behind Travel Match is match you to those who make reservations or arrange travel, and experience what you as a venue, attraction or activity has to offer in a fun and relaxed environment and together with others from the same industry. The press will cover the event and ensure that you are covered on social media and online (you may use the story and photos) after our visit.  I take care of everything, you simply let me know which of the following you have to offer groups of up to 10 people. Ie accommodation, meals, transport, activities for events up to 2 nights. We recommend weekends as our travelers then have time to join us! I then put a trip together and invite our travelers to join us.

What qualifies Travel Match to lead these educationals?

As you can see Trip Advisor has nominated me as being in the top 3% in South Africa for honest reviews all around the country. From restaurants to activities and hotels. From Johannesburg to London, from New York to Morocco.  I am a full time and experienced blogger and my references are available at any time from those we have visited before.   My social media skills on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat are legendary and always beat most visitors!. Although honest we also encourage our visitors to exercise care when using these modes of communication.

Benefits to the Accommodation, Attraction and Activity Trade

  • Complimentary Advertising on the full SACommuter Site
  • Meeting your market personally and spending time with them
  • Pre-screened attendees to assist with future business
  • No additional costs or commissions after the visit
  • Great itinerary ideas for conference and event organizers to use for future trips

Benefits to the Conference organizer, Event organizer or corporate Marketing Manager 

  • Meeting of like minded indivuals
  • Because we travel on weekends, no need to take time off work
  • Visit venues and experience activities first hand for future booking
  • Local, regional and international opportunities available
  • Apply for venues that are suitable for your budgets
  • No more boring site visits and lunches in out of the way places
  • Fun Itineraries to replicate when arranging similar trips for your company

 Who is qualified to attend?

To apply to join us on these trips, our clients go through some of the following selection criteria:

  • Company Designation
  • Spend on travel, conferences etc in the last 12 months
  • No of people in the largest group
  • What areas of travel and conference would most interest you

Once the applicant has completed our online application form, we check their credentials and their references and send them on to you for confirmation.

To apply to attend our educationals its as simple as clicking here. Once you have completed the registration, you are then on our database . Now visit the home page and look for Educationals at a Glance and apply for the educational on the Apply button which simply asks your name, email and the educational you wish to apply for.

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About the author

The Traveller

As a worldwide traveller with an eye for something different, I started Travel Match. This initiative matches the Corporate Buyer or Event co-ordinator/Marketing Manager to not only share experiences with each other during an educational but also opens up a world of different ideas. Venues and activities now have a chance to meet buyers on a social level before getting down to business. I design educationals around fun and intuitive thinking and the Travel Match members love them.

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