Champion Tours – Sweet sound of success

It was a cold and chilly Saturday afternoon and the Champion Tours suite awaited us as we parked in the safe parking provided not to far from the Ellis Park Stadium. The walk was brisk and myself and Keith found ourselves being hustled by the local street sellers for Lions and Sharks memorabilia. But even though we are Stormers supporters, we could only hope the Lions triumphed as it is our home team. Keith is a Western Province and Stormers supporter but when they are not playing then it has to be the Lions. My sister, Tania supports the Sharks and between all the kids there are various supporters so watching rugby is always interesting in our house.

Having followed Robin on his tours since the early 80’s, we have always been involved and as he was short handed for this game, we went along to assist. And the suite was busy as always.  I helped with the food and utensils while Keith piled in behind the counter. I washed dishes while they made more dirty dishes!

It was a good game and the Lions won by a heart beat.  The customers were happy and even happier when some of the Lions team members came over for a beer and a chat. Robin always manages to do those small things for his clients that other tour operators are not always able to manage.

Food was tremendous and the caramel cake afterwards was even better. We are now preparing for the Semi Finals on Saturday with the Lions once again at Ellis Park (now called Emirates Park) and I am sure there is going to be another busy suite.

The view is spectacular as the Champion Tours suite is right in the corner and unobstructed.  With good food, snacks and drinks, you shouldn’t miss it. Also don’t miss out on booking the final (as I am sure the Lions will win again) and for the match in Bloemfontein on 30 September where you will be staying at Sangiro Lodge for the overnight!  See here for the review on Sangiro.

Email Robin on or call him on 082-855-1775 for more information.

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