Day one – Arrive at All Seasons

Ferdi Erasmus, a 43 year old paramedic with severe Diabetes begins his journey with me

July 2017 – Day one by Geniene Preston – overweight and over 50!

It was bound to happen. I had to lose weight or I would find myself unhealthy and unable to live the kind of live I love to live.

CSN, Christo Strydom Nutrition, invited me to lose weight the healthy way and at the same time cover that of Ferdi Erasmus, a 43 year old Paramedic from Boksburg. Father of 3 and wife to Elsa, he started to find his 250kg frame a bit difficult to manage in and out of the ambulance.  He also had suffered burns as a result of a fire and after a long time in hospital,  his legs were just not healing.  So for him it was time to take the journey and get going! His diabetes was through the roof and needed serious managing.

It was a great braai at the pool of the All Seasons Boutique hotel. A wonderful place to relax and enjoy the week to come. I was astounded to hear it was R3999 for the 5 days and 4 nights, as well as all 10 day detox product and your meals.  Great surroundings and we munched away at grilled steak and chicken, potatoe salad and garlic bread. I knew it was soon something I could only dream of.  It was time to look around my home for the next 4 nights.

Nestled in the hills of Moreleta Park in Pretoria, the All Seasons Boutique hotel is home to both long stay clients and the weight loss program.  It has a number of beautifully appointed rooms all named after the seasons of the year.  My suite is the winter suite and is perfect to work in and to live in for a week never mind a year!  If I had to stay here for a year, I would gladly do so. It has a gorgeous lounge area and Aash from The Life’s Way couldn’t have put it better when he visited the venue a few weeks ago…

Christo spent the evening explaining what was to come and as Ferdi had had an implant to monitor his Diabetes, I was curious to see how it worked and what the outcome would be.  I was nervous to say the least and soon it was time for bed and my last cuppa with sugar!


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