210kg Ferdi Erasmus loses 5kg within 24 hours!

It was day two and expectant arrival at the weighing station was 8am. I weighted in at a whopping great 102.95 kg and a bmi of a frightening 39!  The Obese category for those uninitiated.  Now having suffered with Thyroid problems in recent years, I have a lazy thyroid and not so long ago diagnosed with Sleep Apnea.  Oh what fun to sleep with a mask.  And one that blows cold air in all the time.  So I knew it was time for me to tell the truth. At a height of 5 foot 3 inches, (1.65 metres), and a serious waist size which I am not at liberty to divulge, the weigh in session was fun.

By now myself and Ferdi had been joined by two awesome ladies, one a housewife and Michelle, an estate agent from Pietermaritzburg.  So the four of us sat around hearing our BMI and feeling unimpressed with ourselves, vowing to make some changes.  Ferdi has a BMI of 55 and is in the category of the morbidly obese.

We were given our tablets in various shapes and forms and all of which is natural and day one was filled with fruit. A bowl of fruit, minus my favourite vegetable Bananas, was left in the fridge for us to help ourselves all day long. And as I had a meeting in Johannesburg, I left early and barely made it back before the toilet trips began. And it continued all night long ….

My fellow weight losers were just as excited as I was to see how the first day went and we made friends, shared information about our selves and went off to Dischem to see what our cholesterol count was. Mine was 5.5 and should be under 5 and the estate agent was 8. So we are curious to see the progress as it unfolds.  Watch how Ferdi loses an incredible 5kg in first 24 hours ! Follow his journey on our Facebook Page – I need to lose weight – CSN.

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