Chef David arrives to make Gautrain’s Radisson Blu the place to be!

Executive David Williams

When you arrive, its clear that Radisson Blu Gautrain isn’t your typical hotel and restaurant. With scenery that looked like it came straight out of a Hollywood blockbuster. Every inch of the hotel is beautifully decorated, not to mention the view from the restaurant that overlooks the city and the Gautrain itself.

It was time to taste the menu.  And what a tasting it was. Chef David is one of my favorite executive chef’s and seeing him again meant I was going to have an extraordinary afternoon.

General manager Werner Geere introduced us to the upcoming menu for the afternoon and what to expect. Not long after the greeting the starters came through the door and had everyone in amazement. With starters that included Plum Tomato Tarts, Beef Carpaccio and more it was no doubt that we were in for a treat. With the enjoyment of the starters, it gave everyone the opportunity to talk to and get to know the master behind the menu delicacies, Chef David Williams.

No sooner had we completed starters than it was time for the main courses and what a treat! A range of courses were presented to us throughout the day, from their Sous Vide Chicken Supreme all the way to their Roasted Cauliflower Gnocchi pasta, every bite was something new to experience. We were also treated to the renowned Grilled Mediterranea Seabass and Asian Marinated Seared Yellow Fin Tuna from their sea range.

There was only one way to end such a scrumptious meal, and that was with dessert. Something sweet is always enjoyable, especially when it’s something sweet like the Summer Berry Pavlova that gives us the understanding of the phrase, “Art On A Plate”.

We ended the day with another dessert item, a Banana Split. But this wasn’t your average banana split. A Banana Split at the Central One is like something you’ve never seen before. It was such a treat and again we just had to thank Chef David for the day, he is truly a great asset to the Radisson Blu Gautrain.

Next time when you’re in the area and not in the mood to face the traffic, stop by the Central One and see what dining is all about.

The Traveller

As a worldwide traveller with an eye for something different, I started Travel Match. This initiative matches the Corporate Buyer or Event co-ordinator/Marketing Manager to not only share experiences with each other during an educational but also opens up a world of different ideas. Venues and activities now have a chance to meet buyers on a social level before getting down to business. I design educationals around fun and intuitive thinking and the Travel Match members love them.

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