Not just a Haven, its an Oasis!

Just Haven and Cafe nestles in the outskirts of the Magaliesburg less than 30 minutes from the bustling West Rand of Johannesburg. 

Our group arrived after breakfast at Silverstar Casino‘s Vigour and Verve where we were treated to the most delicious omelettes and the nicest buffet breakfast I have had the pleasure of enjoying.

It literally took 30 minutes from the Casino to the Spa. Tina Robinson, the owner, was waiting for us as we arrived and seated us under the bedouin tents in the garden. It was hot and the shade was a blessing.  The glorious head and shoulders massage, eased us into the day.  It was a lovely way to chat as we were all seated together and as a group it was nice to share the experience.

Before long it was time for the foot massage and that for me is always the best treat. Our group changed around as we were a large group and now had new company. Water was dispensed and we relaxed again. Feeling unable to walk due to being so relaxed, we took a stroll through the rest of the venue.

The rooms are tastefully appointed and the “Merangue Mirror” was on display. For those that are uninitiated its a mirror that brides use when their dresses are a ballgown and it all needs to fit into a “fat”mirror.  The beautiful rooms for manicure and pedicures with a view of the garden, is perfect for book club year end events, bridal showers and heaven knows what else.

Soon time for lunch and we were treated to the best quiche, chocolates and non diet cocktails. Besides the great cooking (roast on Sundays for as little as R180 per person) there is a small boutique where clothes are sold to raise money for charity.

After that delicious fare, it was time to have our full body massage and that was incredibly difficult to get up and drive home. The massage therapists are well trained and Tina has trained over 450 therapists over the years. The Haven is also a mobile spa and will soon be collecting clients from the West Rand.

For a bikers breakfast run its perfect as a Sunday morning stop over and for family or lunches for couples the setting and distance is just perfect.

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