Stanley has a great Beer Yard

I have always enjoyed the ambience of  44 Stanley which has been one of my favourite spots to visit over the years. I worked nearby so it was close and the vintage look and feel appealed to me.

It didn’t take long for me to take note of the music and appeal of the Stanley Beer Yard and I decided on the spur of the moment to make it my Tuesday 1 Minute Review.

It was before lunch so a good time to catch kitchens on the hop (pardon the pun).  I was welcomed with a smile and seated inside as it was hot outside despite the tree covered patio.  I loved all the vintage biker decor and took time to enjoy it while I had a glass of wine. The house wine was crisp and palatable. And I really don’t normally find house wine to be the better wines.

I am Greek by descent and I just love Greek food. So I went for the Mediterranean Platter which included figs, olives, dips, crisp rye bread and sundried tomatoes together with some cheese. I loved it!  It was just what a hot day required.

Only two things and one was I wish the cheese was in wedges so I could dip it into the delicious sauce (it was served as strips) and the other was that although the plating on a wooden board was a nice idea, it wasn’t practical as the syrup from the figs ran down onto the table.

Other than that, a most delicious and delectable meal. Could have done with a second one I must say but time ran out.  Looking around, they have music one night a week and offer funky and fun events on other nights.

They are a perfect Christmas or New Year venue or even better a bachelor or 40th Birthday. The decor says it all!

Stanley Beer Yard

Tel 011-482-5179

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