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Calexico, the new Mexico in Milpark


Ed’s Note : We attended the opening of this wonderful restaurant (it was previously Stanley’s Beer Yard and also run by Larry Hodes and fabulous in its own right but like everything time for a change) And change it did!  A great spot for a restaurant at 44 Stanley in Milpark and certainly the Mexican style mixed with the Vinyl records of moments past, was the right way to go. The food and the service was incredible as always and the Fajita’s were definitely my favourite.

Deep in the Mars-like landscapes of Southern California, right on the border of neighbouring sister city Mexicali, our hero resides in his simple country cottage in the small town of Calexico. His place is adorned in trinkets and tchotchkes from his travels over the border; brightly painted tiles deck the walls; old records lie scattered haphazardly on the floor, one always circling round and round on the dusty turntable. He holds a good old fashioned in one hand and a harmonica in the other, surrounded by smells of chipotle BBQ and grilled corn on the cob, absorbed in thoughts about beautiful senoritas in red and yellow.

Calexico is a border city in California: a portmanteau of the words California and Mexico and a perfect intermingling of music genres, food and dance. Calexico’s location provides easy overnight trucking access to the ports of Long Beach, California, and Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico.

It’s sub-tropical hot desert climate and landscape is in itself a colourful mix of giant redwood trees, snow-capped mountain peaks, fertile valleys and beaches that go on for miles. It forms one of the most diverse series of landforms in the United States.

Blue Monkey Magazine and Lekker Places were there to help us celebrate!

The band of the same name is an Americana, Indie, country, folk and Latin rock band from Arizona. The music style, like the city it gets its name from, is a blend of southern Californian and Mexican inspired sounds and has gained a reputation for consistently releasing high quality records. Their feel-good harmonies, alongside legends like Band of Horses, the Eagles, The Band, Otis Redding, John Coltrane, Bob Marley and The Beastie Boys will be on repeat and loud as our speakers can go in our very own Calexico: an Americana style restaurant and bar.

We pride ourselves on diversity and originality – inspiration hit when trawling through the names of great rock legends and flavorful food styles and genres – a perfect combo of music, eating and drinking. Just like our hero, we’ve collected small pieces of things that inspire us and created a hearty and homely space for everyone to enjoy.

Our menu is a vibrant blend of flavours from California and over the border: we take traditional, much-loved recipes and make them our own. On our shelves you will find a mish mash of all the great names in music, everything that makes us truly who we are. The X symbolizes a crossing over, multiplying and blending and togetherness – it symbolizes not only the name but our story and what we hold dear.

This merging and appreciation of cultures, an awakening of all the senses, always equals a happy heart. It provokes wanderlust and creates a sense of pride, not only of who we are, but for how we can love all people – wherever they come from – equally. In the words of Billy Joel, “Music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music.”

Real music never gets old.

Welcome to Calexico!


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Hot Artichoke & Jalapeño Dip With Tortilla Chips

Nachos With Pico De Gallo, 3-Beans, Smashed Avo, Cheddar, Sour Cream & Jalapeños

Spinach, Feta & Sundried Tomato Quesadilla

BBQ Chicken Wings With Spring Onion, Sesame, Celery Sticks & Blue Cheese Sauce


Served with your choice of Slaw or Shoestring Fries

Grilled Veg & Mozzarella on Sourdough or Rye

Beer Grilled Cheddar on Sourdough or Rye

Double Double Bourbon Burger on a Black Bun

Pulled Chicken, Chipotle & Roast Red Pepper on a Black Bun


Grilled Veg, Artichoke, Sundried Tomato & Feta

Pulled Chicken, Slaw, Apple, Pecans, Cranberries & Blue Cheese


Served With Your Choice Of A Side. Full Portions With Your Choice Of Two Sides

Jalapeno & Lime Exotic Mushroom Skewer

Mexican Fish Cakes With Smashed Avo & Pico De Gallo

Chipotle Rotisserie Chicken – Full or Half

Free Range BBQ Pork Ribs – Full or Half

Free Range 300g Dry Aged Sirloin With Chimmichuri


3-Beans, Pico De Gallo & Smashed Avo

Apple, Celery, Fennel & Cabbage Slaw With Toasted Seeds

Grilled & Marinated Aubergine, Red Pepper & Zucchini

Jalapeño & Lime Corn on The Cob

Mac & Cheese

Sweet Corn Beer Bread

Shoestring Potato Fries


Apple Pie & Halva Ice Cream

Brownies & Halva Ice Cream








As a worldwide traveller with an eye for something different, I started Travel Match. This initiative matches the Corporate Buyer or Event co-ordinator/Marketing Manager to not only share experiences with each other during an educational but also opens up a world of different ideas. Venues and activities now have a chance to meet buyers on a social level before getting down to business. I design educationals around fun and intuitive thinking and the Travel Match members love them.

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