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Oppikoppi #OK24Nomakanjani – The countdown begins to 9 August!

Oppi at its best. Credit: John Hogg

“Old man look at my life, 24 and there’s so much more.” Neil Young sang these words 46 years ago, and we’ve been waiting a long time to use the quote. This year OppiKoppi is 24 years in the making, and we’re still moving forward, Nomakanjani.

To paraphrase the great Felix LaBand “I’m not afraid of moving slowly, but I’m afraid of standing still.” We are still standing, and let’s be honest: the move to October was a dim one. There is only one August, one OppiKoppi and One Nation Under a Groove. No matter what.

Go take a look at this year’s artwork, faithfully created by Resoborg, and you see a heartfelt masterpiece depicting fairy tales and love affairs with the bushveld and relentless music. You can see star-crossed lovers, fables and legends that roam the inner circle of the koppi core. They are still there for you, the wayward one, they wait anxiously for your sweet return. And so, in life, there comes a time when you have to stop your wayward wandering; then reflect and take stock of your intentions, your pipe dreams and aspirations and drift into new territories and experiences. In the words of Bra Hugh Masekela: “Love, Learn and Teach.”

You can’t ignore the race! Credit: John Hogg

At OppiKoppi we have always believed in the music of Mzansi, and this year we continue to promote and revel in our best local artists. The hit squad that sits in the heart of the machine is bringing it all back home: more focus on fresh local produce and shying away from hyped imports and expensive artists from abroad is the plan for now, at least. What does this mean? This means that the James Phillips Mein Stage will be groomed prim and proper to once again claim its rightful place as the thatch of thatches and the leading light at a festival that has been, um, going through stages. Expect a tighter and more condensed festival, packed to the brim with bands and artists that reek of faculty and hutzpah. Check these carefully chosen connoisseurs of prime tunes:

It is with great anticipation that we look forward to roaming the Bushveld plateau with you and yours. We welcome you and we congratulate you on your fine choice. Your legacy continues. Come let us take this thing to new heights, we are not afraid.

Oppikoppi 24: Nomakanjani takes place 9-11 August 2018 in Northam, Limpopo. Tickets are R675 and can be purchased at Computicket or Strictly no under 18s allowed.




As a worldwide traveller with an eye for something different, I started Travel Match. This initiative matches the Corporate Buyer or Event co-ordinator/Marketing Manager to not only share experiences with each other during an educational but also opens up a world of different ideas. Venues and activities now have a chance to meet buyers on a social level before getting down to business. I design educationals around fun and intuitive thinking and the Travel Match members love them.

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