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Our animal trainer with Suzanne and Chris Styles

The Lion and Safari Park, an established tourist destination, well loved by locals and foreigners alike, has became a popular experience for all over the last 50 years. Having moved to the Cradle of Humankind in July 2016, this new must-see world class facility, called Lion and Safari Park, offers guests a memorable experience. The Lion & Safari Park, an established tourist destination, well loved by locals and foreigners alike, has become an amazing experience for all over the last 50 years. Having moved to a brand new world class facility in the Cradle of Humankind in July 2016, the Lion and Safari Park offers guests an incredible day out.

We were met by our guide and animal trainer who was young and tender 23 years old but had the knowledge of someone much older. His love for all the animals as well as his keen eye for what is happening around him, was evident in our entire trip. The personal “Mad Max” drive through the park was an unforgettable experience and I would recommend this to anyone wanting to visit the park.  You discover how the animals feed, where they came from, how they were rescued or born into the park.  There is a mix of animals and those in certain areas are lions, white lions, cheetahs, leopards, and wild dogs.  The hyena’s are in enclosures for their own protection and other animals such as giraffe, zebra and buffalo roam freely across the park.

Its like having the Kruger on your doorstep. Worth every moment!

Immersed in the beautiful natural surroundings of the area, guests can experience guided game drives, safari drives or self-drives. Time to explore and Discover the untamed natural bush veld.

The new park offers a wealth of exciting activities such as animal interactions, guided game drives and self-drives.  You are guaranteed to get super-close to some of Africa’s favourite animals whether you go on an informative guided tour or self-drive.  Guests also have the opportunity to engage in the experience of hand feeding a selection of animals including giraffes, ostriches and various other antelope species that roam freely on the 600-hectare property and frequently visit the wetlands in front of ‘the Wetlands’ Bar and Restaurant.

Personal Tour (in a “Mad Max” Vehicle!)

Book a personal tour of the sanctuary where you have the opportunity to travel with a seasoned animal trainer and get up close and personal with the animals in the sanctuary. From the lions to the wild dogs and the caged hyena. They don’t take chances with you as a visitor nor do they treat the animals with anything except respect. And the journey is incredible. Your running commentary of how the animals are cared for and where they are captured, to their release into the wild, this tour is designed for you.

Guided Tours

The Lion & Safari Park is home to a vast selection of indigenous species such as Lion (Brown and White), Cheetah, Hyena (Brown, Spotted and Striped), Leopard (including black leopard), Wild Dogs, Sable antelope, Kudu, Nyala to mention only a few.

Guests can enjoy a variety of different guided tours. The trained guides turn every tour into an informative and educational trip as they share interesting facts. Tour options include; Lion & Wild Dog Tour, Mini Safari, Night tours (with predator feeding), Private Exclusive tours, Alex Tour, Cheetah and Lion Walks. The 3-hour Safari is the flagship tour which includes snacks and drinks on the bank of the Crocodile river. The famous animal trainer Alex Larenty promises to provide a fun-filled experience as he interacts with fully grown lions on the ‘Alex tour’.


Guests also have the option to drive their own vehicles through the lion and wild dog enclosures and the new extended route to the hyena enclosures will provide the opportunity to see many different antelope species such as Giraffe, Kudu, Gemsbuck, Warthog, Sable, Nyala and many more.

Guests will be able to engage themselves in the incredible experience of hand feeding a selection of animals including the graceful and serene giraffes. The opportunity to interact with a multitude of amazing animals such as Cheetah is also available at the park.  Guided safari drives are one of the biggest attractions at the park, allowing visitors to experience a plethora of wildlife within their natural habitat, the tour options vary in length depending on your time schedule from 45min guided drives to 3 hour safari drives.

Guests can also enjoy a scrumptious meal at one of their top-class restaurants, while at the same time viewing various wildlife species grazing and drinking in their natural habitat. No visit to the park will be complete without a stop at the Wetlands Bar – the view overlooking the Wetlands is nothing short of breath taking, while delicious meals fill hungry tummies after a guided tour, at the aptly named Buck ‘n Bull Grill house.

Nestled amongst the foothills of the magnificent Magaliesberg Mountains, a mere 10 minute drive from Lanseria Airport, off the scenic R512 towards Hartbeespoort dam, the park is in the Cradle of Humankind area an UNESCO world heritage site. The new location, now boasting 600 hectares of open land, allows the animals more space to roam freely.

Apart from being a world class tourist destination let the Lion and Safari Park turn your next conference, team building or event in to something unique. Great packages are available and for the first time on offers – adventure activities such as River Rafting, Quad Biking and Abseiling.

What would the perfect end to the day be without a shopping stop to remember your trip by? Stop in at the ‘5 dome shopping experience’ and enjoy a vast selection of unique hand crafted curios, crafts and clothing, which make great gifts for those back home.  The park is open 365 days a year, and is certainly an experience not to be missed.

Lion and Safari Park with MK Tours

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