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Nothing old about 36 hours at Die Ou Pastorie

Die Ou Pastorie is one of those memorable venues that you will continue to visit over and over again. Their menu is delightful and their decor suits the venue.  And its a perfect place to celebrate that special birthday with friends and family, or a small function for your colleagues or simply just bring your friends for three nights of eat, drink and be extremely merry!!!

The property nestles in the trees that proliferate the area around Skeerpoort which is between Magaliesburg and Hartebeespoort Dam.

Susan Rothbletz had previously owned a property near the Namibian border and made a decision to come back to the area and create a venue that could include a music venue for Sunday lunches.

The decor in the accommodation is very close to Biggie Best but is not quite so floral. It is warm and welcoming and I loved the ball and claw bath which called after cold winter days exploring the area and nights spent in front of the fire in the dining room, enjoying the great food and wine menu.

For a delightful few days of great food and wine, without even leaving Die Ou Pastorie, its perfectly placed for celebrations such as birthdays or simply a time to relax.  The team of staff are dedicated and have been with Sue and her family for a number of years.

Suzanne and Chris Styles enjoying dinner with myself, Keith and a friend from the petrol station down the road!

The menu for dinner, lunch and breakfast is enough to leave home for and definitely a must for Sunday lunch when one of the local bands comes to town to entertain you under the trees.

There is a small deli on the property which has all the menu items as take home meals as well as jams, preserves and pate’s to suit any palate and definitely worth taking home. The pate is smooth and silky and the nougat is the best I have ever tasted.

The staff are warm and friendly and you will always see the management and owners in attendance at any time during your stay.

The history of the property is a long one and makes the buildings all the more special.

To book your mood and menu visit their website on or contact the directly on their phone number.

History of Die Ou Pastorie

Die Ou Pastorie in Skeerpoort was originally built as parsonage for the Dominee (Reverend) of the Dutch Reformed Church on the other side of the “bo-voor” (upper furrow of the lei-water).

1884 – 1885

The foundations for “Die Ou Pastorie” were laid in 1884/5. During this time Skeerpoort was a flourishing farming community, and the parsonage was a building of status – with well built foundations, wooden floors and ceilings as well as sash windows. Architecturally, the “Pastorie” was built in what was later identified as the “ZAR style” with fewer embellishments than the “Victorian Style” – so popular with English colonialists at the time. In contrast; these official buildings of the Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek (ZAR) were fairly simple and stark, but well adapted to the Transvaal climate and lifestyle although many materials, like corrugated iron, doors, windows, as well as floor and ceiling boards were imported by ship, rail and ox wagon via Durban.

Most of these items are still in good shape in this building, though some repair has understandably been done after more than a hundred years of service as parsonage, police station, private residence and more recently restaurant and guest-house.

1899 – 1902

Much of the know history in the early years revolves around the Anglo-Boer wars, in particular the Second war (1899 – 1902) and there are many relics and battle sites in the Magaliesberg mountains.

Skeerpoort was so named as it was the place where men on horseback or in ox wagon heading for Pretoria would shave and wash in the river, before the last part of their journey.

An interesting feature in the garden is a 200 year-old wild olive tree – a tree which was already established when the Boer/British wars occupied the valley, and must have provided shade for wild animals, horses, oxen and many people during its existence.

In the south-east corner of the property there is a small rondawel. This remains cool even on the hottest summer day and was used as a storeroom for dairy products. Near this is an old red brick structure which was built as a manger for horses – a reminder of a slower pace of life.

1838 – 1948

Between the years 1938 – 1948 Die Ou Pastorie became a police station. The site was ideal with plenty of grazing and drinking water from the furrow for the horses of the then mounted police.

Skeerpoort was at that time the hub of economic activity with a railway station, school, church, post office and store.

In 1948 the old police station at Skeerpoort reverted to private hands, and has the protection of SAHRA (South African Heritage Resources Agency).

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