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SA Commuter is an online magazine that connects the corporate market to the travel, entertainment and promotional supplier industries in a simple and easy manner. It is the major portal under which we promote our flagship non-profit association, Travel Match.  Travel Match is the trading name for DPMP NPC is a registered non-profit organization with registration number 2016/314500/08 and we
are currently in the process of Public Benefit Organization (PBO) registration.

Dynamic professional management professionals administer and manage professional programs to ensure a socio economic development that operates with the vision of:
Uplifting communities,
Breaking the chains of inequality
Empowering youth.

The objectives of DPMP is to:

• Generate revenue to schools
• Reduce communication costs at schools
• Centralise communication
• Help small businesses sell more and grow
• Upskill and empower unemployed youth
• Create jobs
• Enhance education
• Promote knowledge sharing amongst teachers

Maybe add something for the travel and events industry that will improve socio economic value.

DPMP also works in collaboration with Institutes and Seta’s in providing career guidance to learners in
grades 8 to 12 via our national school community platform towards event management, community leadershps and much more.

The income generated from our members is donated to uplifting all schools onto a digital platform through www.schoolcommunitysa.co.za. For every 5 members that join we can add another school to our growing number of schools.

Travel Match Prospectus has more details on the Travel Match vision.

If you are a hotel, guest house or lodge or group of hotels, please contact us on travelmatch@sacommuter.co.za to be included in future educational opportunities and exclusive offers to our members. Only participating venues and activities may have access to our membership base.

For those that wish to be included in the invitations to attend, please register here

To contact us for advertising please contact me on geniene@anytimemedia.co.za

Should you wish to participate in the SACommuter listing as entertainment or promotional supplier, even competitions, contact geniene@anytimemedia.co.za

We look forward to being of service to all industries!


The Anytime Media Team!

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