I have a wide and varied career spanning 40 years. From IT to Media, from Travel Tour Guide to Project Manager.

My career started out as an accounts clerk for Mobil, after matriculating in 1977.  I married and moved to Johannesburg where I took a position as a typist.

We soon were introduced to Word processors in the early 80’s and I was hooked.

CAREER HIGHLIGHT – I was selected out of 27 typists to work on a word processor and become proficient in writing code. Not being a programmer was challenging but I overcame that (Van Zyl and Pritchard was the company that tested you for programming and I was told I should be a landscape gardener!)

I moved to GBS Wang as a Support Representative covering Johannesburg. I worked for 3 months for free to prove I could do the job. I was with them for 3 years,

CAREER HIGHLIGHT – I was selected to train clients and internal staff not only on the product but also on how to program the system.

Personal Computers became the rage and it was time to move into the mainstream. I moved into the PC software space with Punchline as a software support engineer.

CAREER HIGHLIGHT – I was promoted to Product Manager, Ashton Tate for Africa and  thus began my marketing career.

I completed my marketing diploma in 1988 and soon after my daughter, Natalie was born. See Diploma on Linked In.

I left Punchline and joined Softsource as their head marketing manager for all software until our CEO, Adrian Louw, died in the Helderberg Plane disaster and the company was not the same.

I started my own company, Bright Ideas, as the personal computer market was growing and I had great sales and marketing experience. I had a number of large clients that supported me – Grindrod Shipping and Radio 702.

CAREER HIGHLIGHT  I moved their entire computer operation from Anderson Street to their offices in Sandton with my small team. They moved to Unisys when they became Primemedia.

I was poached by a travel and tourism company – Blue Chip Tours – to use my computer experience to market their sports tours.

CAREER HIGHLIGHT – Travelled around the world with tour groups and to find new sporting events and contacts. I received my Irish Passport to make my travel simpler.

One of the travellers I toured with, asked me to join them at Investec on a project they were launching and this led to a full time position at Lotus Corporation as a Product Manager.

CAREER HIGHLIGHT – Redesigned their entire marketing plan and the encouraged companies to move from Microsoft to Notes. Qualified as a Notes and Lotus engineer to further understand the product.

I moved to Siemens Nixdorf after my son, Matthew was born and there I was  challenged with being a project manager for the sales team.

CAREER HIGHLIGHT – Malcolm Russell asked me to join him on the radio show – Technology – on a Saturday at 1pm. I had my own radio show – Short Circuit on Radio 2000 to promote and market computer products via panel discussions.

Seagate Software needed a product manager and as I had been involved with the product at Siemens Nixdorf it needed marketing and training.

CAREER HIGHLIGHT – I was promoted to Product Manager EUMEA at one of the distributors to build the product.

Tragedy struck and my 3rd child, Shannon, drowned in the toilet when she was only 10 months old and I decided to take time off.

I decided to pursue a career in the media as I had always wanted to write and it was time for a change.  I was appointed as a journalist at one of the smaller publishing houses before going out on my own.  I started Style in IT and soon Anytime Magazine was born.

CAREER HIGHLIGHT – Anytime Magazine was appointed to the the inroom magazine for City Lodge,  a position we held until they went green 3 years later.

During this time Anytime Media grew into several different areas with moving into project management in Botswana for Advantage 5 and project leader for Google Maps when they mapped South Africa.

We also branched into Mall Activations and Mango Airlines, Velvet Sky, and Liberty Life among other clients, all branched into malls and airports with our digital range of products.

CAREER HIGHLIGHT – We beat off all the large agencies to secure these marketing and activation contracts.  From creating online surveys to show how many people visited the stands, to bragging rights on Social Media. Visit www.anytimemedia.co.za for more details on our activations and photos.

Velvet Sky climbed into the top 10% searched airline during its time after we started the activations. Anytime Magazine is now a quarterly magazine requiring only a small portion of my time but is now in 7 countries world wide.

In closing, I have always had a way of thinking out of the box and every presentation I have been to, I have closed the deal.

I am proud to say that although I did not stay set in my ways or in the same industry, I have been successful in my own right. Its now time to take my skills and settle in a corporate world.

I am currently writing a book – Why not Me?  – about my daughters’ passing away and the years that followed.