Become a Travel Match Partner

What is a Travel Match Partner? We invite any tourism body or group to also be a part of our tourism business. Our travel partners benefit in more ways than one and its up to you as a partner to sell to these we introduce you to. Local and international suppliers are encouraged to join us as our buyers are both international and local.

As you know, Travel Match brings local and international buyers to you, the travel partner in more than one way.

Option 1

Travel Partners can be a part of an educational which we run on weekends through 10 chapters – 9 provincial and 1 national.  We run it on weekends so that our buyers have time to spend with you, the seller, rather than being on the phone or focussing on whats happening on the phone. Our buyers range from PCO’s to Secretaries who are in charge of travel arrangements, from the Marketing Executive to the PA at the Church head office booking church groups, from teachers at the local school looking for accommodation for sporting groups to Head Masters of private schools looking for his next school tour history week.

Once you complete the form and we know more about you and your business we also make suggestions.

Option 2

Invitations such as those that are sent out to the Travel Agents and Media. Where preferential rates are offered at a rate that will definitely encourage those to visit in their personal capacity with a partner or their family. The number of invitations are managed through Travel Match who also manage the booking, payment etc as we offer points for booking of conferences and travel opportunities for colleagues or clients.  The Travel Match travellers are also invited to travel with us overseas once they have booked local conferences etc with local partners. So they do have an incentive to buy what they visit.

Travel Partners are any of the following:

  • Venues
  • Hotels / Hotel Groups
  • Guest Houses
  • Transfer or Tour Companies
  • Activities
  • Parks
  • Restaurants
  • Museums
  • Airlines, Railroads, Cruiselines

Why become a Travel Match Travel Partner?

  • You are able to meet the actual buyers of travel, conferences etc
  • Our registered database has great detail on each traveller and this is made available to all Travel Partners once accepting an application to visit
  • Your business is advertised via email notification to all 50,000 corporate buyers on our database
  • You have a choice of applications to choose from
  • Only Travel Match members can see the travel specials you offer.  Non travel buyers cannot see this. However educationals are advertised openly to encourage members to sign up and only those who qualify can sign up with us.

What are the benefits of being a Travel Match Travel Partner?

  • Free advertising pre and post the event on the home page of SACommuter
  • All social media conducted during the event as well as the educational being posted before the event and this story which is posted onto SACommuters Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Linked accounts
  • All participating travellers details for post event sales and communications. Pre event they are sent those details of the travellers  we selected to attend
  • All Photos in High and low res for use without copyright infringement on any further material used after the event
  • All reviews written by our travellers by way of Excel Spreadsheet (The surveys are conducted on line on a 0 – worst and 100 best rating
  • Social Media analysis of the use of #travelleronthemove and #travelmatch. All travellers are encouraged to use social media during the entire educational
  • Participating companies may also offer specials to those Travel Match Members who would like to return for further inspection. However all communication in this regard has to come through Travel Match and not directly to the client. Only sales related communication may go directly to the traveller.

If you would like to participate in our educationals going forward please contact The same email address can be used for travel specials.

To register as a Travel Match Partner and be qualified for local and international buyers please click here

Screenshots of examples of documentation etc (advertising for venues that participate are on the home page and are replaced regularly and those that send ad pages are presented). We also offer statistics at the end of each month on our Statistics Page


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