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I first started writing at school and then again when my daughter passed away in 1998.  As an IT project manager, I had many diplomas, degrees and certificates on how to use IT and I decided to leave the IT industry and head into publishing and journalism.

In 2003 I took a position at a computer magazine to write articles but they did not deem it suitable for their style of review and I then starte a leisure magazine that targeted IT professionals –  Style in IT.  It was successful and after a year became Anytime Anywhere Magazine in order to incorporate more professionals.  The magazine went on to be the onboard magazine for Nationwide Airlines. I took a freelance job as editor of Fourways Review a community newspaper in Johannesburg for a few months before deciding what to do.

In 2008 I landed the contract with a national hotel group – City Lodge hotels – to provide a 96 page magazine for their rooms on a monthly basis and a three year contract was signed. Anytime Magazine took on a new look and feel and provided entertainment for guests and advertisers alike.  In 2011 City Lodge decided to go green and online and we moved into a new venture.

Break Magazine was born and its distribution and target market was matric students at private schools.  Velvet Sky magazine took off and was purely targeted at Velvet Sky airline passengers for the year that they were in business.  Passport Magazine approached me and asked me to create a magazine for airport passengers and for another 12 months we produced a bi monthly magazine that was sought after in all the airports in South Africa.

It was time to take a break and begin the completion of a project I started in 1998, the story of my daughter who tragically passed away in 1998.  It’s aptly titled Why not Me.  However, in order to fund the time I need to write the story of my journey, I have turned to social media management, content development and journalism and here below are my latest achievements.  I have had articles published in  Nomad Magazine and The South African magazine

Get It Magazine West Rand – Freelance Journalist (Cover for August edition):



PRO for Johannesburg Property Group

A new Joburg Skyline is emerging Final (1)

Awards Press Release Ver 1

Diversity reflected through Art in Chambers Final

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