Travel Match Prospectus

Who is Travel Match

Dynamic Professionals (Trading As Travel Match Association) are three visionaries that are behind the concept of growing local communities through a digital school platform where everyone can talk to each other via the internet and with benefits to all.

Travel Match is an association that was developed and designed to:

  • Introduce the direct buyers to the direct sellers of travel and activities in South Africa
  • Involve international buyers into our tourism and economy
  • Encourage local buyers of travel and tourism to take the step and see whats available outside of South Africa so that they can understand how valuable our country is to the world.
  • Create an awareness of local business and entrepreneurial spirit in the travel and tourism industry
  • Ensure that our limited membership (limited to 75 new members a month per province and renewable after 12 months depending on travel deals made as a result of our introductions during the previous year) has access to as many experiences as possible so as to make informed travel budget decisions
  • Introduce the corporate traveller to new ideas and enhance their budget
  • Create monthly provincial workshops that educate our members in whats new and available
  • Include associate members for a 12 month period that travel with our members to ensure that our industry remains ahead of the rest of the world.
  • Travel Match does not enter into any buying or selling on behalf of either the seller or the buyer at any time.  We also do not negotiate on behalf of either party. We strongly discourage any “hard sell” during visits as this becomes an unpleasant experience for the visitor.  Members are aware of being approached after the experience.

Travel Match Membership Terms and Conditions

  • Members are restricted to 75 per province per month over 12 months making a total of 900 members only. Once membership numbers are reached, only members who have not purchased any of the following during the 12 month period will not be able to renew their membership at which point new members may apply or we will accept members on a waiting list.
    • Conferences
    • Bosberaads
    • Experiences
    • Activities
    • Incentives
    • Accommodation
    • Transport options
  • Membership fees are payable upon completion of the registration form which is found in or at the bottom of our prospectus and can be settled in their personal capacity or in that of their company at R1000 per member ex VAT.
  • Only registered members may travel with Travel Match unless otherwise specified.
  • Members will be supplied with a Login and once logged into the system will be able to access specials and special pricing events and workshops.  These applications will still come through Travel Match in order to protect the integrity of the association and its members as well as the members from hacking or intrusion
  • Non Members will be allowed to be invited from time to time to attend events, workshops and educationals at the discretion of Travel Match and its suppliers and associates.
  • Members will be invited to attend a local morning workshop once a month where speakers are invited from the industry to add value to decisions on conferences, groups and incentive travel as well as  additional experiences.
  • Members are incentivized to purchase local travel options by traveling with us into Africa and then into Europe and USA but only if purchases are made through our local Travel Match offers.
  • These offers are available quarterly.
  • Members are invited to travel three times during the membership year without prejudice but after their third experience if no purchases are made they will be waitlisted for other experiences and are  charged an amount of R1000 to travel if accepted. They are therefore encouraged to travel on educationals wisely. Ad Hoc travel specials offered by our supply partners may be accepted at any time at the discretion of the venue, experience or activity who may limit the number of members accepted.
  • Members from all provinces will receive the same offers.  Its up to the member to travel to the city of origin of the educational itself.  Travel Match may be approached for discount travel options from coaches, airlines or railway partners
  • International travellers cannot be members or associates. They will be invited through international relationships.  Local members will be invited to travel at an additional surcharge to cover international expenses.
  • Members will be charged R350 per group educational to cover tips and fuel etc during the excursion, This doesn’t however, cover drinks or items of a personal nature
  • Any member found to be abusive, aggressive or offensive of nature or checking out without settling incidentals will be immediately removed from the association and barred from future participation. This includes not being truthful on registration and destroying property.
  • After each trip that is under taken by members, they are required to submit a review within 48 hours of their return so as to update our suppliers on their trip.
  • All members are open to contact after trips and cannot be anonymous.

Associate Membership

An associate membership is when a member adds value to both the buyers and the sellers during their 12 month tenure with the association. And is able to travel at no additional cost to the venue or activity except for the hosting:

  • with the educational group or
  • as part of an associate travel experience or
  • as having accepted a special travel rate from a supplier as a member would.

These services are offered as part of the visit and at an additional fee of R500 payable directly to the associate and not to Travel Match. Both parties must be clear on the offer before the trip is undertaken and agreed on in writing.  The venue offer is the same as that made to the member. The value supplied to the venue or experience is slightly different.

Legal Associate – An associate with a strong travel legal background and as an associate can offer legal advice to both suppliers and fellow associates or members such as but not limited to:

  • Public Liability issues – What grounds are there for claims. Are the venues staff properly versed in what needs to be done to ensure that floors are not slippery and what to look out for when guests are in public areas.
  • Indemnity forms – are they correct? What is required when on a conference. Who is responsible for delegates safety and well being
  • Check in and checkout – is the safety measure the supplier takes enough to protect the buyers?

Photography Associate – Many of the experiences and venues/activities we visit do not have appropriate photos for their brochures or websites and as such means that they have to have expensive designs created to have enough supplementary material to accompany their marketing teams when exhibiting or visiting clients.  Our photography associate takes photos with the express permission of both the members traveling as well as the venues/experiences with a view to publishing not only on SACommuter but also in other printed and visual material.  Photos are supplied in RAW, Small, Extra Small and JPG to cover all eventualities within 2 weeks of their visit and available on dropbox with only credits required. All copyright goes to the venue/activity.

Handicapped Associate – Simon Mandla of Thisability Magazine for the disabled, assists us in this regard, in making venues/activities more accessible to the handicapped market. The accompanying handicapped or wheelchair bound (reasonably fit i.e. not paraplegic) person will be able to test all facilities offered in wheelchair friendly or wheelchair accessible venues for reasonable access. A report will follow and once all facilities are correct at the time of publishing, the publicity for the venue will then include the accessibility report.  The report will not be made public. Only after it has been declared fit for wheelchair use will the SACommuter and Thisabiity story include handicapped facilities.

Media Associate – As media we often have print, TV or online media willing to undertake the trip with a view to publishing the itinerary as a possible journey for others be they consumers or other participants.  The story and subsequent publishing can be either as part of the trip or as a single entity. This can be in the form of

  • TV
  • Print
  • Online
  • Blog
  • Newspaper
  • Magazine

The associate members will have access to our suppliers on an ongoing basis and feedback is required from both parties on a regular basis.


There are many benefits to belonging to Travel Match as both a supplier/venue/activity and as a member or associate.


  • Meeting your buyers directly
  • Being able to integrate with them and get to know them on a personal level
  • Creating a neutral sales environment
  • Meeting their buyers at the workshops and being introduced to new ones
  • Joining buyers where possible on other excursions where there property or experience does not clash but can enhance the current offering
  • Having the buyer come to you
  • Choosing your buyers


  • Traveling with like minded individuals that can share ideas and concepts to enhance your companies conference or eventing experience
  • Enjoying a group experience and meeting new people
  • Having the opportunity to experience something as a client rather than as an organizer makes a difference
  •  Traveling on a weekend as opposed to a weekday means less time on the phone or at the computer and more time enjoying the experience
  • Creating new experiences for colleagues and other associate members

In conclusion, who can be a member?

Those who are in charge of organizing travel either as conferences, groups, incentive travel and large consumer groups such as weddings, churches, school sports etc. Anyone who books travel over the value of R50k per year

  • Marketing Managers
  • Marketing Executives
  • Secretaries
  • PA’s
  • Sport Club Secretaries
  • Church Secretaries
  • School Secretaries
  • Travel Agents
  • Biker Club Presidents
  • Event co ordinators
  • Brand Managers
  • Promotional Managers

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