Xactavent is a company designed to activate brands in a different way that will be noticed by clients.

Our list of clients include:

  • Peermont Hotels
  • Fastjet
  • IGrow
  • Laybye Holidays
  • Liberty Life
  • Mango Airlines
  • Nashua Mobile
  • MWEB
  • TraceTec
  • Gauteng Tourism
  • Velvet Sky
  • Scorpion
  • Legalwise
  • Skywise

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Today we are negotiating with two new clients , Daikin Air Conditioners and the AA Roadside Assist for Motorbikes and we focus on how to make these very successful brands even more successful and bring them out of the closet and into the light.

We use a number of different activation products including

Promotion Pods

  • Digital Desks
  • Branded Ice Rinks
  • Specially built units

L Shape Digital Desk

The L Shape Digital Desk is a perfect fit for any Mall. As its modular it can be displayed in different directions to follow the best traffic patterns.

The Display unit is for prizes, or items of interest from clients that may use it to promote their products.  The Video is two HD screens used with a USB on which is your artwork which rotates with or without sound. Booking more than one week  in the same mall means a discount for breakdown and setup.


Our staff offering includes 2 promoters who are well trained on the technicalities of the desk as well as the mechanics of the data collection on line.

Not only do they take photos and post number of brochures distributed but they encourage people to leave their details and take videos and photos of our prize winners. They use the tablet to collect the data in a way that the client can read and analyse their market.

We do not offer sales people . Promoters only

Data Collection

Data Collection is very important when it comes to quantifying the cost of the activation. As most activations are 7 days, at least 2 of those days are very quiet.

The data we collect can be of the client’s choice of 5 questions (shoppers don’t stop longer) and generally Name, Email, Cell No as well as age, have they heard of the product, would they like more info and whats the income group they fit into. These work well together.

This data is analysed and presented after the event.

Malls/Head offices

Malls vary from city to city and South Africa and Botswana work closely together.  Costs also vary and we have three categories of Malls.

  • Category 1 – LSM 3-5 – (Example Carnival Mall)
  • Category 2 – LSM 5-10 – (Example Greenstone)
  • Category 3 – LSM 8-12 – (Example Mall of Africa)

These malls are priced accordingly and we negotiate good rates on clients behalf. All Malls increase prices for December/January.


  • Category 1 – R25,000 pw
  • Category 2 – R30,000 pw
  • Category 3 – R35,000 pw

Price Includes:

  • 2 Staff members
  • Setup and Breakdown
  • Artwork
  • Tablet for Data Collection with Data
  • Data Analysis and Capture
  • Daily photos, videos, No of brochures and entries
  • Daily posts on Social Media

Social Media

All daily social media is included from

We encourage visitors to the desk to “Like” your Facebook Page – they go into a prize draw which we SMS winners every hour or every day depending on number of giveaways. Social Media Analysis is provided post event together with Data Analysis captured. Check our Accolades page for our wide range of social Media. We also post on your Social Media as well as create a Hashtag for the event for tracking purposes.

Additional extra’s

There are various options you can add to your promotion to make it fun and interesting for those who visit the stand.  From an Internet Connected HDB to a floor cube that keeps children amused as they kick a virtual soccer ball.

  • HDB 1.8m – R5000 pw
  • Floor Cube – R3000 pw
  • Photo Booth – R5000 pw
  • Badge Maker with 500 badges – R3500 53cm
  • Ice Rink (price on application depending on size)